Nestled at the Southern Most Tip of Africa lies the beautiful city of Cape Town. A city fraught with history. A city that has seen many different rulers of its shores. As a trade outpost and both a Dutch and British colony, the Cape of Good Hope brought to its shores the slaves of the far east and other parts of the sub-continent. Along with the indigenous Strandlopers and the Khoisan and Khosa and Zulu african tribes, the myriad of the population of this great city shows when one merely walks the streets anywhere in Cape Town.

The remnants of Apartheid, the vibrant townships, once a symbol of both opression and resistance still exist today to bear testimony to the struggles of the past. This, in contrast with world class beaches and tourist amenities. 5 Star hotels, World Clas Conferencing and Shopping are all part of this great city. A city of contrast and intense natural beauty. Welcome Home..